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GBRC In The News

Rival club member who is also GBRC tops the Q, How Dare he We say!!!

    Another Season is about to start but we are not done with the GBRC Q2 Qualifier quie yet. Perhaps members have been a little slow off of the bat to post their times, and we are missing some old faithfuls but none the less the latest GBRC qualifier has proven to be the most competitive to date. At the start, many seemed a little dissapointed with the car and track combo but as members have been putting the times in it looks like the combination has grown favorably with many as they grind away chipping tenths.

    Speaking for myself, not a fan of city tracks full stop nor FF cars, but after a 3rd stint I actually got in a nice rhythm and hate to admit that I started to enjoy the feisty little Mito, and Madrid, which is a track I completely stayed away from in both GT5 and GT6 started to make some sense. In hindsight, city tracks do demand a different kind of precision versus a regular track, a few mills wide and the barrier will make you stop fast. Can be frustrating as hell, but when you are taking paint off as you are cutting apex's so fine, there a nice satisfaction to getting it just right which is a feeling a little different from mastering a bend on a regular track. Sadly just as I started to get competitive I had to stop as I had a plane to catch.

    What is going on may I ask? A THG guy topping the GBRC Q2 Leaderboard, not very humble of THG_Sonam is it ;) Sonam is as GBRC as the rest of us, and congrats to him on his fantastic time. Looking at the below snapshot, we have 6 guys with high 47s, nothing in it while we still have around 10 days before the qualifier closes. Will be great to see some more shuffling for the lead, and I also hope that we see a few that are on sabbatical post up also as some of those guys are mighty quick. There are also a few in the low 48s that could quite easily nip into the 47s, so nobody is safe at the top!!

    Full Leaderboard Here
    THG-sonam8246 [​IMG] / 1.47.747 / [​IMG]
    mightylieven BE / 1'47'786 / TS500
    SILVERLINE [​IMG] / 1.47.792 / [​IMG]
    cokebloke [​IMG]/1:47.910/[​IMG]
    C7mpr [​IMG]/ 1.47.913 / [​IMG]
    Panman08[​IMG] / 1.47.920 / DFGT

    As you have all seen, we have launched 4 championships so far, a selection that represents a good mix of cars and tracks to suit all levels whilst most importantly encouraging very close racing. Class C should be a complete riot, and as I will be in London for the first race, I hope to be able to take part if I get the chance in between visiting friends and family and of course pending my buddy letting me use his PS3. I really really miss racing competitively with you guys and have some really fond memories of some awesome races and battles.​
    Although not GBRC news, RacingRoman23R and GBRC sister club ALV deserve an honorable mention. ALV never got the best of starts in its early GTA life, but RacingRoma23R has taken sole charge of this GT6 club and is doing a great job so far. We already have a couple of new site members who have joined up, most recent, Bobo, and Motorhead_51 as well as Danbojte and GT_Fantatic who have joined GT Arena Club ALV, a big welcome and thanks to them for supporting the site and ALV and we hope you become core site and ALV members. Like we have been doing, lets all continue to support RacingRoam23R and ALV, as after all it can only benefit the site and both GBRC and ALV.


    GT_Phill has long been an advocate of club vs club but he is having a break from GT6 and his Admin duties . GBRC members have never really warmed to the club vs club aspect of GT6, and that is a shame but we all have limited time with GT6 so have to pick our events wisely. Team Morpine club boss Tavilha would like to organise a Multi club vs club event and I would love GBRC to have a presence of some degree. I think we all at the very least owe it to Phill for all of his relentless hard work and to the club to field at least a couple of drivers for such an event. If there is anyone of you that would like to take charge of the organization with Tavilha and other club heads it would be greatly appreciated with any such event offering GBRC some great exposure and of course Kudos should we triumph. You can post up your willingness in the GTP thread Here or the GTA thread Here.

    All on all, things are looking pretty good for the season, and even as a bystander, I am pretty excited. The GBRC stats from last season will be updated shortly, and the new spreadsheets added to the current events.

    Good luck to all of you, and lets see more Q times chime in, and of course take that THG dude from top, can't be having that!! lol​
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