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GT300s Daytona Showdown

Who will come out on top at Daytona?

    After much debate over the competitiveness between individual GT300 cars, and after some further revisions to the car specs competitors make there way to Daytona. Set in (yes you guessed it, Daytona) this track is a little odd and tricky to say the least and is a track more suited to high power cars, like Indy and Nascar but there is a nice ln-field section that breaks the track up. Still though those big sweeping straights do swallow up the 150 mph and pedestrian acceleration of the 300bhp GT300s. Still though, it seems in GT6, tracks with long straights and hard braking corners often provide close racing, Monza is a classic example of this, and a track I enjoy very much.


    Key to victory tonight probably won't be down to who is fastest, but perhaps who scores the least amount of time penalties. A little bird tells me Race Admin will be hot on this, as well as corner cutting. Getting through that chicane quickly is an art, as it is very easy to cut so those wanting to win might have to "90% it" through that chicane, as 100% might mean crash, or corner cut, and too many of them and RA will have a field day.

    Set up as always is important, so a stable car that brakes well into corners is a must and a good balance of down force to aid cornering and high speed stability, but without robbing the motor of top end pull as 300 bhp does not go too far. Competitors will also have to be cautious braking for the 150 mph approach for turn 1 after the start line. This is a tricky corner and requites some heavy baking while turning. A pack of cars flat out for this approach can get nasty if somebody does not have there eye on the ball.


    GBRC vet Jimantonic leads the way in the GT300 Garaiya (known as Gary, which is English for Kyriakos, a Greek name lol) followed by Clay and Cokebloke. Despite Jim being 18 pts clear, those chasing could snook up on him if he has a couple of not so good results so no snoozing or distractions from toddlers.

    Good luck to those taking part.