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    Club ID 1006473

    Since the dawn of the Gran Turismo series in 1997, racing video gamers young and old have exercised their virtual driving talents in Gran Turismo, and for the longest time have yearned to face other drivers from around the world. With the arrival of GT5 in 2010, this finally became possible like never before.

    Naturally, the racing community became separated into two broad camps: The first have been called the Clean, the Serious, the Professional, the Fair, the Sportsmen; the others? They have gone by even more names, which shall not be mentioned here.

    The former group have taken to the internet to meet and gather with like-minded racers, with the aim of holding more organized (and thus more fun) events. Hundreds and thousands of different clubs and groups were formed through various sites and forums, some more exclusive than others. However, many players have real lives to consider, and try to fit their online racing careers around their day-to-day business.

    It was for people such as this, as well as the more regular players, that the Grumpy British Racing Club was formed. Though by no means limited to the grumpy, or indeed the British, the GBRC aims to cater to clean and mature racers of all ages. First and foremost, it is a friendly racing club, highly reminiscent of the many real-world racing clubs that exist in Britain - a country that has had motor racing in its veins for well over a century.

    The GBRC continues its mission to provide its members, new and old, junior and senior, British and Non-, with a wide variety of GT racing activities, serious and casual, on a regular basis. Furthermore, to develop in this respect, the club has taken the step of branching out to form GT Arena, with the aim of inviting other racers and clubs from around the world to gather together, in one home location, in the same spirit: United by the enthusiasm for good, clean, fun racing in Gran Turismo.

    Founded by
    #1 PAPPACLART, Jun 2, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 26, 2019

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