The new year brings exciting times as Gran Turismo Arena’s maiden club GBRC announces it’s forth coming first official season using Project Cars to host the action.

Dates and times of the events are yet to be announced, but you can whet your appetite for what is to come by taking a look HERE

As per the norm for a GBRC season, those wishing to take part are required to post a time in our traditional season qualifier, set up originally to determin divisional splits, but those of you with a competetive edge can see if you can edge your way to the top of the standings, simply for bragging rights! Take a look here for more INFO:

Those of you who are new to GBRC or are interested in signing up, please take a look at a brief overview of our online racing rules.
GBRC pride ourselves on providing some of the cleanest racing available online, approaching this goal in a gentlemanly manner: