A 4 week race championship using the BMW M3 1989 tuning enabled

Starting 20/5/2018
Start time 20.00 with 15 mins qualifying
Power 234
Weight 1;200
Racing hard
Add what ever wheels you want pimp that Beemer up
Lobby will be set to allow abs and track cones only all other aids disabled.

Reverse grid for the second race

Week 1 tuskuba 30 laps 2 races
Week2 .blue moon infeild a 25 laps 2 races
Week 3 brands hatch indy. 27 laps 2 races
Week 3 Auotodrome .Lago Maggiore centre 2 27 laps 2 races

To Join GBRC go Here: http://www.gtarena.com/community/joinable-user-groups/gbrc.14/act?action=join

To Sign up go here : http://www.gtarena.com/community/threads/may-13-2018-bmw-m3-sport-1989-tuner-race-championship-scenga77744.2736/


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