Mr Hugenholtz Who?

We all often take things for granted, especially the many things that are integral to our daily lives, the very things that make our societies function as they do, and the specifics which are really appreciated. Look around and every single innovation has an intricate history attached to it, which started with an idea, followed buy lots of hard work, whether it be the simple and ingenious cats eyes that illuminate our roads at night, or the humble ball bearing, which without; machines that power our industrial world could not function and the world we know now would be a little different.It is not just objects, the same appreciation can stretch across many veins, art, architecture and so on, they have all influenced our physical and spiritual lives to varying degrees,

Gran Turismo as we know it could have been just that bit different if it were not for a guy call John Hugenholtz, a person I never heard of let alone appreciated for what he did for us Motorsport enthusiasts.

Want to know more about a man you should know more about then please check Zolon32’s latest Blog post below.


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