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Gran Turismo on PS4: Are We There Yet?

Still waiting for Gran Turismo for PS4? Yes me too but where is it and why the wait?

Gran Turismo & PS4 Graphics: Excited?

PhotoCredit NBDESIGNZ over @ GTPLANET If Kazunori Yamauchi had one obsession or even a fetish for that matter it would no doubt be for supreme...

GT6 Update v1.14 Delivers Community Features Finally!

GT6 community features finally make an appearance with update v1.14 that has just gone live. The update brings many much awaited features that have...

GT6 vs Forza 5 Photomode Comparison

GT6 better graphically than Forza 5....read on!!

Gran Turismo 6 Update 1.04 Live

Update: Video v1.04 Explained Oink Channel Gran Turismo 6 update 1.04 is live. Plenty of new bug fixtures and content added. Below you will see a...

GT6 Update v1.13 Resolves Various Bugs

A stealth GT6 v1.13 update has been released fixing many bugs that were introduced in update v1.12. In particular and very important to the club...

GT6 Update v1.17 Arrives

Gran Turismo 6 update 1.17 contains the Lexus LF-LC GT ‘Vision Gran Turismo’ and new Alpine Vision Gran Turismo, and you can start driving the virtual cars from today.

New GT6 Seasonal Featuring LFA and Lamborghini.

Lates GT6 Seasonal Events are out!

Gran Turismo 6 Patch 1.02 Live

Gran Turismo 6 will receive patch 1.02 today weighing in at a mighty 1.2 gigabytes, an update that will unveil the X2014 special events....

GT6 Alpha Romeo TZ3 Stradale

GT6 Alpha Romeo TZ3 Stradale Niku Driver HC's latest blog post talks about the incoming new cars for Gran Turismo 6, in particular the the...