PSN and Gran Turismo 6 server maintenance has been scheduled for Monday the 10th of March. History has shown that after such maintenance’s game updates generally follow. Could we see update 1.05 make an appearance with many new features?

Deja vu you no doubt think as we have been here before!

Now several months into the release of Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 6 and after numerous game updates fans are still frustratingly waiting for many promised game features that were due at the start of new year. No one knows exactly why these promised features are yet to arrive with many in the community speculating as to the cause. Also despite promises that has yet been any Paid for tracks or cars in the way of DLC.

There has of course been some other revelations of potential new content these past months with what looks like a huge new track based off of a region in Spain called Zahara de la Sierra. What has been revealed and been promised has yet to be delivered.

In no particular order some features the community have either been promised or are expecting are as follows.

Shuffle Racing
Club Creation/community features
Livery Editor
Track Creator
New/return of tracks

GT Arena as a community website that focuses on online racing, the promised community features and online stability are what members here are most anticipating. Many online races and events have been adversely effected from bugs and unstable lobbies as well as features lacking from Gran Turismo 5 that ensures racing with your friends is a little more difficult than before.

There is lots of speculation that Monday could bring the much awaited community features as well as new tracks and cars that we have had hints and glimpses of.

The online service of Gran Turismo 6 will undergo maintenance during the following hours:

Start: 10/03/2014 04:00 GMT
Finish: 10/03/2014 06:00 GMT

During the maintenance, it will not be possible to connect to any of the online services.

*Please note that the exact time of the maintenance may slightly vary.



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