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A very well done to numbnuts70 after earning himself yet another overall championship victory with a hugely impressive 7 wins out of 12 races. That’s a 58% win ratio and a 75% podium ratio. A trip to Ikea may be necessary soon as the trophy cabinet must be full by now. Numbnuts70 was a full 70 points ahead of GTHQ_Daan76 who is no slouch and took the runner up spot. Another solid performance from German. 😉

Tommyzoom99 took the 3rd spot in what was a tough D1 event, so hats off to him also netting himself 2 podiums. Scenga77744 narrowly missed out on the podium, but was dead chuffed with his win at Autumn Ring.

By default of sign up method and races taken place, Uwanqandpmjg66 go down to division 2, unlucky guys, it won’t be easy down there!

Division 1




Division 2

Congratulations to Tyrrell_ for taking top spot in Division 2. It was ran close at the end with Buds actually leading the championship 2 thirds the way through, but with both drivers missing a few races had the lead chopping and changing. In the end with 2 convincing wins at the last round (GP/D) tyrrell_ stamped his authority, and even if buds would have made 1 of the races he missed it would not have been enough to take the victory. An impressive performance from both and a congrats to buds for his first GBRC trophy.

Tyrrell_ and Buds are both ones to watch in D1.

Bnic11 put in another solid performance, narrowly missing out on promotion as he unfortunately missed the last round due to being on holiday. Quite a few members could not make some of the races which was a shame but none the less a tightly fought event.

Well done to everyone that took part and thanks to Tommyzoom99 for organizing.





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