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GBRC Integra RM Championship Has Now Concluded

At this rate it looks like numbnuts70 will go down in GBRC GT5 and GT Arena History as being the most dominant racer we have had. Numbnuts70 achieved 7 wins out of 8 races!! Polled on every race and had fastest laps from 6 out of the 8 races.

What is surprising is that Uwanq’s event through track choice and race length (for the the second race) was designed to really test the Type R’s, a car that normally struggles keeping rubber on its tyres yet numbnuts70 proved very flexible not only having the outright pace to dominate the field but also he could maintain this pace through good tyre wear management.

What’s also noted is numbnuts’s modesty, a true GBRC racer in that sense, handling his victories and dominance like a true gent. I remember way back in Q3, we were all testing for the GT300s at Suzuka, numbnuts70, just a GBRC whipper snapper at the time joined to test and quickly left after saying that we were all too quick for him. What has changed now? Is it the prolonged 5 mins lobby cig breaks that end up being hours, sometime days. haha It must be the Super Hero outfit he needs to adorn before he races with the cig breaks as a cover but the mid life spread makes it a challenge to squeeze into!! Or perhaps he dashes off to go top some TT or beat some poor sods in an Open Lounge, who knows?

For now though, we have to find the Nutsonite, the one thing that may slow him down, and sap those super powers from him. I know a few evil enemies for nutz but they are no where to be seen, perhaps they were banished to a far away Galaxy???

Well done to Nuts (Richard) for the fantastic championship win.

Scenga77744 is sneakily and slowly getting quicker and quicker, despite on his own admission having what he says was a bad championship in terms of his own performance, though the runner up spot was still claimed by Carlos who convincingly found himself on the podium 5 times out of 8 races. Scenga was always going to be strong in the Integra’s, having been exceptional with a Type R in Class B’s. The format of the event and the importance of tyre wear and pit strategy were also to play favorably for scenga but despite this unfortunately scenga could not break the dominance of numbnuts70.

Scenga77744 is definitely a racer to watch moving forward as he is often finding himself upping his outright pace on a wider variety of tracks and cars so just a case of it all coming together, with the right cars and tracks and race formats and we could see some more trophies from him.

None the less, a great and well deserved runner up spot for Scenga77744. (Carlos)

We have another racer who is starting to make a name for himself. Rams1de scores his first GBRC trophy in a tough mixed divisional event. Rams1de who is a division 2 racer stuffed up many division 1 guys and truly represented Division 2 in this event. Rams often races in the mixed divisional events, and in prior seasons when racing and testing we have missed his true pace. Rams mistakes and crashes from a lack of consistency in the past have masked his real speed.

rams really enjoyed this event and that showed in his results with his very impressive 3 podiums. We done to rams1de for taking the 3rd overall spot.

A very well done to every one, a big thanks to Uwanq for doing a fine job of hosting.

I am behind on race reports, thanks to all those that have contributed and sent me more. I will get them up ASAP





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