Future GT6 DLC

A video interview (below) with U.S. Gran Turismo producer Taku Imasaki during last months Gran Turismo 6 Announcement hinted at an interesting revelation that Gran Turismo 6 – via DLC will have 1 track added per month. Although this is an exciting prospect it may be wise to not get too excited as we heard a similar statement from Kazunori Yamauchi a while back promising the same frequent release for Gran Turismo 5 but we ended up with an intermittent release of DLC that followed no pattern in terms of dates and content type.

I am sure PolyPony have worked on additional tracks and by today’s trends we will not see them all at the release of GT6. I would expect at least for the first few moths there will be tracks available as DLC but as the focus slowly switches to a PS4 version of the game any frequency will likely slow.


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