Hush Hush Over at TGS!!

We were all excited at the the prospect of some newly released Gran Turismo 6 news over at TGS but not a peep I am afraid. I would have thought TGS being on PD’s home turf would have been ample opportunity to put Gran Turismo 6 back in the spotlight over its many competitors, especially now that Gamer’s attentions have been drawn elsewhere: with everyone’s focus firmly magnetized on the likes of Rockstar’s brilliant GTA5, which has people the world over throwing sickies and with some reports of even fans who have been robbed of their newly purchased copies of GTA, literally GTA style!!

GTA5 is not the only game franchise stealing focus from GT6, but the likes of Forza 5 which will be released on Next Generation hardware is another gladiator of a title that GT6 has to contend with! Not to mention the next generation console releases that are scheduled a month before Gran Turismo 6’s release.

Gran Turismo 6 will no doubt sell in the bucket load but PD should not get too complacent especially with what is on the horizon in terms of “Next Gen” digital and physical distractions. TGS looks to me like a wasted opportunity but who am I to say? Well below you can here what our resident blogger Niku thinks!!


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