We have not long got our hands on Gran Turismo 6 but already we are hearing some echos and rumors about Gran Turismo 7, a title that we will pretty much definitely see on the PS4.

Game industry insider Ashan Rasheedalso known as Thuway on the interweb has been tweeting some information on some yet to be released games on PS4.

2 of those tweets referenced Gran Turismo 7 which you can see below.

Very interesting solutions, multiple prototypes, but the end product is Hnnnnng. Say hello to Gran Turismo 7.

Hey GT guys, I hear GDDR5 has got you 3d trees and real people. Now if only I could find out about your engine noises.

Read into it how you want but it goes without saying that the graphics will see a marked improvement over the PS3 version, and that very likely means 3d trees!!

“Multiple Prototypes” sounds interesting and could mean any number of things, including more open wheeler, LMP and fantasy Gran Turismo Cars, or less attractively, production car prototypes. Also Ashan mentions sounds, well of course we want good sounds in GT7, but were the community not promised those updates in Gran Turismo 6?

Lets wait and see, early days yet, especially seeing as we hvae GT6, a game in our laps that still has some work to go before it matures into what it should have been at the start.



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