Time does move fast, we are well into the latest generation and with the PS4’s success surpassing all expectations. A large number of Sim Racing enthusiasts are very much stuck in the last generation still getting their kicks via the venerable GT6 on the now pensioner PS3.  Old age normally brings with it decrepitness but the PS3 while in its latter years showed some youthful exuberance with graphically quality titles punching well above their weight. There is a flower that blooms every 100 years….The “Tahina Spectabilis”, a late bloomer like the PS3 we could perhaps say.  PS3 will live on for sure though but its days are numbered, at least for the avid sim racers waiting for a worthy title on PS4 to surface. For the GT6 enthusiast that title I hear you say will be GT7 on PS4. A game no doubt being developed as we speak. Gran Turismo faithful are certainly a faithful bunch, myself owning every game since GT1 and a full 17 years of GT ownership!! I love GT like I would love my partner. She can frustrate me endlessly but she also makes me smile,  and I love her all the more though It does not stop me wanting to swing at her from time to time lol!!  Allot of us have a relationship with the Gran Turismo franchise much like this. Yet like any sibling we can not always change them. GT has been making many of the same mistakes time and time again despite the communities constant protest, yet we all find ourselves singing the same tune, cries that seem to fall on deaf ears.


Something has changed, there will  shortly be a new kid on the block and with a new business model, a model that combines the sheer wealth of experience from the community to mould  a game that is truly community driven. Project Cars is the name of the game and you are all waiting for it excitedly I know!! You ask for what you get they say, though the only room now for criticism is the potential of misinterpretation, an ask from the community that is not properly translated in game, though with this new business model and a willingness to “listen” to the community a quick update can quickly resolve. Maybe this is the future, give the gamer what he/she wants! Does this stifle creativity from a visionary of a game director/creator or does it not combine the visions of many to create a product that everybody wants?  Kazunori Yamauchi no doubt is a visionary, and what he brought to the table all those years ago was something very special. Fast forward and KY’s vision is looking like stagnant pond water, with very little life or evolution happening. They say life as we know it came from something not too dissimilar to a stagnant pond but look at the colour of life we  have a couple of billion years later. KY’s Pond certainly needs an injection of life, some fresh perspective and some new faces perhaps.


Project Cars might just be the RNA in the pond or the new predatory species that forces a little evolution from PD. We all know what happens to Prey if they can’t evolve quick enough . This might be  scare mongering but as I told a good GT friend recently,  all empires have their time, relegated to history if they do not move with the times.

We could sit here and pick apart The GT franchise as has been done via many community threads over the years but we all know what is wrong and what needs to be done. If PD have even been remotely listening then they also know what they need to do.

There will always be a place in my heart for the GT Franchise regardless, and I do hope that Gran Turismo 7 comes out swinging and with a new zest. I really  do want Gran Turismo 7 to be my Driving/Racing  Simulator of choice, we have way too much history to part ways but if she continually disappoints then who knows what the future holds.

I very much welcome and look forward to Project Cars and I bought my PS4 because of it. (I bought my PS3 because of GT5)

Competition is great as it only means better things for game consumers, we have only really had Forza over the years on Xbox, but nothing to question our allegiance to Gran Turismo on the PlayStation until May this year of course, providing we have no more delays that is. 😉

Exciting times lie ahead for us Sim Racers!! Well done to the PC guys for thinking out of the box, and  as reservedly as I can; I am gunning for Gran Turismo 7 to be something special. Hope you are listening Kaz!!

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