After a very frustrating wait for Gran Turmiso fans, on the 19th and 20th of May taking place at East London’s Copper Box Arena,  Polyphony Digital will be hosting a Gran Turismo Sport unveiling event where you can participate in the first ever hands-on experience of Gran Turismo Sport! Yes that’s right if your are in attendance you can actually play GT Sport!

For those unfortunate who can not attend, scenes from the event will be broadcast from 18:45 BST on the official Gran Turismo YouTube channel where you can take a virtual front row seat and observe the action as it unfolds and drool of what will no doubt be a graphically luscious representation of Gran Turismo on PS4.  The day marks the first real chance for eager fans to see what Gran Turismo Sport will look and sound like on the PlayStation 4.

If any GT Arena members are planning to attend, please do not forget to take some snaps and videos if you get the chance and share with the community as we are all very excited to take a long over due glimpse of Gran Turismo Sport.

It’s fantastic that we are finally going to see a new trailer and some actual gameplay footage, with a lucky few from the general public being able to play GT Sport. Also good news if true, a speculated release date/beta may arrive in October along side the PlayStation VR but as always please take with a pinch of salt, though the very fact that we are able to see the game in action next week is promising for an October release of GT Sport.


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