It is that time again, and as exciting as it always is, we are a few notches up on usual. The reason being, we have Gran Turismo 6 and a whole heap of new faces who are all looking to take part in their first GT Arena Season. The qualifier is closed and we have a winner. Well done to Cavlin_P93. Not often we get a new guy who is this quick. It will be interesting to see how he fairs in the in the thick of it with the new season. No surprises with GT_Phill and Oldnail being positioned where they are in the Leaderboard but where is C7mpr?

The Qualifer is now closed. Any returning or new members are free to submit a time but will take second priority on event signup.


Pos Forum/PSN Name Country Controller Clutch Used Club
:first: Calvin_P93
:second: GT_Phill
:third: Oldnail

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So for now we are going to announce 4 events with a 5th and 6th being announced shortly and will be hosted myC7mpr.Official events have always been organised and managed by a staff member, but for the first time we have allowed a member to host an official event. To be honest this decision was not planned as we were approached bymightylieven at the11th hour. Lieven really wanted GBRC to include his event among their official events for the season. We said why not, and here we are! So, please go easy on Lieven as this will be his 1st time.

As for divisional split, we certainly have enough Qualifier submissions to split events into 3 lounges but will only do so if we are sure that all lounge numbers are going to be consistent throughout the event. There is not much good having 3 lounges for the 1st race, with the next race only having enough participants to fill 2. If you sign up for events, please be honest and realistic regarding how often and when you can race. please refer to our race signup guidelines.

Being unreliable when stated otherwise might mean removal from your club.

Lobby size is yet to be set for each event. Sizes will be determined leading up to the start of the season through testing lounge stability.

I would also like to point out especially to our new faces the importance of racing clean and fair. Official events are not casual races, many members put allot of time and effort into race preparation. Please ensure that you drive conscientiously and within your limits while observing theOLR regularly. An anonymous and unknown number of Race Stewards take part in our events and will recommend and enforce penalties for poor driving. We really want to keep club events hosted on GT Arena fun and professional and as close to real Motorsport as possible, so we expect members to drive it like they own it. A 3 strike system will be in force.

GT Arena Club GBRC normally race out of Private Lounges. These lounges serve no purpose within GT6 so for now those participating in official events must ensure that they have the host of the event added as a friend via PSN. How and where we race will likely change during the season as and when new community features are added in future GT6 updates.

As usual, events will fill the usual Sunday and Thursday slots. On behalf of all staff I hope that you all have a fantastic season’s racing. Remember, keep it clean and fair, fast and consistent.

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