Zolon’s Addiction

We all have at least 1 Vice, some of us a few more but atGTArena we all have 1 Vice in common and that is Gran Turismo. Some of us have it easy as we can afford to put allot of time into a pastime that we love, given the go ahead by an understanding other half while others have to indulge covertly, or or in plain sight to much disapproval. Whoever you are and how easily or not you get your GT5 kicks we can all comfortably say that we are GranTurismoAholics to varying degrees.

A GBRCveteranback from sabbatical (Or was it a wife imposed banning), Zolon32 illustrates this desire and passion to play in his first of many Blog posts, what is after all just a game, but a fantastic one at that.

Zolon’s Blog



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