The Prelude To A New Age

A Corvette C7 review was going to happen sooner or later but you can read it first right here atGTArena.

The latest GT5 DLC car which, for most has been used to Hot Lap around the Nurburgring, just like the real car would likely have at some stage during it’s pre production testing!! Conveniently dressed in what looks like funeral black but suitably named “Camouflage” and adhering to a long standing tradition of manufactures who like to keep the lines of their cars hidden from prying eyes whilst they rigorously test them.

Some more American Muscle lurks under those garments. Is it same old sledgehammer we often see from the US of A or is it a little Torvill and Dean, dancing gracefully on Ice?

You can find out here from Niku Driver of GTReviewsvia his latest GT5 car review.

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