GT500 GTR Championship

Q3 GBRC GT500 GTR Championship


For this event it will be GT500 GTRs you may pick from any of the 4 GTR skylines in the premium garage 08 Spec (woodone is to slow),

It will be on a host of 6 tracks and Monza will be change weather which will becompletely random, what happens happens.

There will be a constructures championship and a team aspect, drivers can team up. There will also be a drivers championship as normal.

Race Details

There will be 1 race approx 1 hour to 1 hour 15 mins long

Race Hards and Race Mediums must be used in each race, 5 laps minimum on each compound unless it rains 🙂

Series starts Sunday 3rd March 2013

Nissan GT-R Super GT 08 (Tuning Prohibited)
Power Limit: 512bhp Weight:1130kg

Further details
GT500 Discussion Thread


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