GT_Phillhas set an scorching early pace in the first GT Arena GBRC Q1 Qualifierwith Gran Turismo 6. Question is; will we see any of the regular Q masters beat his time? Attached is a video Phill kindly posted showing his lines and braking points.

The Qualifier is in early stages with some big hitters and regulars yet to post, likely as they put the time in to mastering Brands Hatch GP, a track that is new to us all. Some of the fast guys yet to post, Members like C7mpr, GBRC_Oldnail, numbnuts and badmotorfinger.

At the momentGT_Phill is being closely pursued byCarlos77744andFido996who by his own admittance seems to really be loving the track.

UPDATE! GBRC_Oldnail1 has just pipped GT_Phill’s Time with a 1:26.954!!

Top 4 as it stands
01 GBRC_Oldnail 1:26.954 -NO
02: GT_Phill- -1’26.991- -NO
03:Fido996- -1:27.067- -NO
04:SCENGA77744 1.27.432 -NO

Q1 Submission/Rankings
Q1 Discussion

Keep the times coming guys



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