Happy New Year

On behalf of all GT Arena Staff a Very Happy New Year.

As a group of racers we now start our 3rd year of online racing together. It does not seem so long ago that a bunch of random guys were brought together born out of a desire to race with mature and like minded racers. From that collective desireGBRC was established by a chap most of you know as Lunchbox147, or formally known as Jason.

Fast forward and Lunchbox is unfortunately no longer with us through illness. fortunately for GBRC Tommyzoom99 took the reins, along with our other staff and members, together steering GBRC to the success it is now. We have lost a few on the way but gained many more valuable members, but thankfully for us we have core backbone of racers and staff who continue to participate to makeGBRC as great as it is.

I have always said it, we are the best kept secret in the GT5 racing community. When new members actually take the time to get involved they stay as long as GT5 appeals to them or as the wife and family permit.

Many things have changed since the days of Lunchbox, new website with a new concept to cater for other Gran Turismo clubs. GTArena perhaps came about a little too late, right when interest in GT5 began to fall and also when many of the hardcore’s still racing were already established with groups all with their own dedicated websites and ways of doing things. None the lessTCR joined us, we hope to see more from them in the new Year.

2013 hopefully should be a good year for GTArena andGBRC. I suspect we will see Gran Turismo 6 at some point. Naturally interest and excitement will spike hugely and many of those who grew tired of GT5 or those where real life got in the way will resurface as well as new adopters to the franchise. Many will have 1 thing in common and will look for a safe haven to race.GTArena can be that place.

For now I would like to thank you all for your continued participation and support in the many events spanning the numerous seasons concluded and current, the staff for administering those events and for all of their contributions that make racing such a pleasure.

As for me I am gutted not being able to race with you guys due to the 8 hour time difference though in good time I will sort myself out with a PS3 and find a moment to come and join you guys like the good old days.

For now just do what you guys do best, go race, discuss and most importantly have fun, as that’s what we are here for, as after all racing and competing is simply just great fun.


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