Race Incident Penalties

Implemented as of Race 1 Mazda Roadster TC Championship

For the continued success of GT Arena and its current club GBRC and to attract new members and clubs to take part, we aspire to have a collective racing experience of the highest possible quality.

We understand that we have members of varying abilities and understandings of what correct racing and race craft entails, and note how difficult it is to bring everybody inline with an acceptable understanding of what general standard we expect . In the past we have toyed with various methods to achieve the above with varying degrees of success but have yet to find the correct balance of achieving our goals in an efficient and timely manner that benefits staff and members collectively.

A perfect scenario would entail us never having to penalize drivers and despite many broad and indirect reminders, unfortunately we still see many issues on track, most being largely avoidable that unfortunately continue to introduce a sour mood to races where these incidents occur.

We no doubt have a great group which we are all very grateful for but like anything we could and all should strive to be better, which will only result in us being a stronger and a more appealing group of racers to race with, while making the experience of racing all the better for everyone involved.

From this point forward we will now be penalizing drivers for Race Incidents they are found guilty of. Any member found guilty of reckless, unfair or un sportsmanship driving will have points deducted from the current championship they are taking part in.

We ideally would like to introduce time penalties but this introduces more Admin in terms of making adjustments to already inputted stats which would need to be changed off of the back of a time incident decision.

The purpose of penalizing drivers has not been introduced to demonize members but to simply demonstrate where members may be going wrong in terms of their on track behavior and with some added consequence of these actions in the way of championship points deductions. The hope is for penalties and the public way to inform members of their errors will condition members and act as a deterrent for this unfavorable on track behavior to be repeat itself.

Incidents will be graded in 4 ways with the following PTS deductions.The most commonly used will be “Serious” and “Minor” with the other 2 options being there to cover any grey areas which we will no doubt come accross.

Incident Level
PTS Deductions

The above infraction points are recorded on the system and are viewable by staff and will be deducted from your championship points


Method 1 / Discovered

Staff will note incidents experienced first hand during racing as well as from replays that will be viewed after race. With this method staff may not catch all incidents.

Method 2/ Reported

Members are free and strongly encouraged to report incidents via PM to the following Race Admin. PM’s regarding race incidents must be sent directly after the race and not later as they may be ignored.


Reports should be short and sweet and no stories.

    Lap Incident took Place

    Drivers involved


Where possible to ensure a fair decision process we will have at least 3 staff members to view replays and come to a decision but due to time constraints this may not always be possible, and on occasions this may mean that 1 staff member will be responsible for viewing and coming to a conclusion on the outcome of the incident.Most incidents will be acted upon within 24-48 hours.


Decisions and outcomes on any race incident will be sent via PM to the victim and perpetrator as well as outcomes being potentially posted into a dedicatedREAD ONLYforum.(TBC)


No staff member is a professional race steward so we accept that we may get it wrong from time to time, so if you feel that any decision is unfair you can appeal a decision only once per a 16 week Q Season.

PM appeals to:


Again no stories, just request for the incident in question to be reviewed again. Staff will not take kindly to their time being wasted for the re review of incidents where fault is obvious to see.


If you are found guilty in any race incident, the severity of the punishment can possibly be reduced if you show sportsmanship. ( let off, let victim re gain position etc)

The racing standards of staff like members will also be under scrutiny and in fact we will be tougher with staff who do not set a good example on track. Do not for a second be concerned about reporting a staff member for his elitist driving standards.


Take a look at theGT Arena OLR and use for reference purposes.

Please make the job for staff as easy as possible and take care on track.

We just want to get on with enjoying racing just like you with minimum Admin post race.

The above Draft will no doubt change, we will keep you up to date of these changes as and when they happen.

Like they say, drive it like you stole it!!! Oooooops….I mean drive it like you own it, pay for tax, insurance, maintenance and any dings should you bin it.

Cheers guys.


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