Mad FinnTuners – Renault Clio SR

Mad FinnTuners and Greycap seem to be showing our Class B cars some love, this time with a tune for the Renault Clio SR 00. Back in the older days before the many GT5 physics/tyre updates we at GBRC use to run class B on Race Mediumstyres, and the Renault Clio SR 00 was extremely popular and one of the more competitive and favored cars among the many choices in Class B.

Now though on the much slippier Sports Medium Tyres this little hot hatch has proven to be a little too hot for some and is a tough little car to get right, and as a result is not quite the force it used to be in Class B.

The Clio was actually my number 1 class B car on the sticker tyres but it was relegated and now I use the Honda S2000. Personally I will very interested to test the MFT tune to see what improvements can be had.

As always, please try the tune out,rateandcomment.

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