American Legion of Vroom is about having fun,first and foremost. If you are a first time online racer or a GT academy finalist, a true purist who wants to jump in a fully stock 69 vette on comfort hard tires
and have a go at it, or a street tuner who loves to work over his cars with hours of testing and tuning, we hope to have something for you. If you are new to racing and feel you can’t be perfect every lap and haven’t joined a club in fear you will be drummed out for your mistakes. I am here to tell you not to worry. The co-founders of ALV are two very different drivers and are why we plan to have racing for every skill level.

We are also a club that has embraced technology of today. This we have address by allowing aids ON for certain races. We do not allow Steering assist or skid recovery as it takes the “real” feeling away from the game. However ASM TC and ABS are allowed unless otherwise noted in casual and championship original post. All of our races will describe what aids are used or not and if there is any limited settings. We feel that if F1 and LM class cars can use them as part of the setting up of the car then we can too.

We run a point series race on Wednesday nights at 7pm est. Variety night is a casual race night held on Mondays @ 8pm est. With more on the drawing board. Our time goals are to allow both east and west coast drivers to race together.

We also have a Club vs Club Challenge team that races aginst other clubs for bragging rights. There is always room for more drivers as the Future of GT6 is Club vs Club racing.

If you feel this is something you would be interested in, feel free to become a member of and follow the next article to join the American Legion of Vroom

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