The theme is American once again, modern muscle inspired by the 60-70s! Perhaps compared to some European super models, this car is arguably aesthetically challenged Like the Viper before. I think our guy Nux likes to bring the best out of his subjects, showing that in everything you can find some beauty.

Like the clichè “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” depends on who you are and what you are into I guess. Try quoting that clichè to Jason and the Argonauts when Medusa “stoned” them with one look rendering their eyes useless as they quickly went from living breathing to granite. There are probably some cars as ugly as Medusa, but none that would turn you into an eternal statue I would hope.

I know I am being totally unfair to the Boss, it is not a beautiful car, and it is not ugly either, more of a handsome car in a Clint Eastwood kind of way rather than a Beiber kind of way.

Anyway, not much chance of it looking any better then it does in the Riceman Designs latest Gran Turismo 6 PhotmodeBlog

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