When Audi bought Lamborghini some said that the raging bull had it’s bits snipped – both behind the wheel and aesthetically. The new offerings were certainly better cars but they definitely lost a little bit of what made us all love the brand in the first place, what made them “Lamborghini’s”! Audi stamped Lambo’s got the German Midas touch whether you like it or not.

Fast forward and several models later we have the latest Lamborghini Aventador. Like all of the Lamborghini’s released under Audi ownership this model drove better than any pre Audi owned Lambo but I must say the design certainly shouts Lambo of old, with it’s outrageously menacing presence. As a child the Diablo along with a few other special cars was on my wall, and no doubt the Aventador has all the qualities of a teenager bedroom wall pin up car for this generation.

You can see the Aventador in all of it’s glory with latest Photomodeblog –Riceman Designs | Novitec Torado Aventador | GT6 Set.

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