Gran Turismo’s 15th Anniversary

A new Trailer released by Polyphony Digital celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo pretty much (without actually confirming) confirms that Silverstone will feature in the next installment of the franchise.

The actual celebration takes place on the 15th of May at the famous Silverstone circuit where the next GT Academy will be officially announced with a big hint that also Gran Turismo 6 will finally be confirmed. Nobody knows sure but everything seems to suggests that there will be some big news to mark 15 years of Gran Turismo and what better way than to announce GT6.

This is obviously very exciting news for fans of the series. GT5 players the world over expect big things from GT6 and are eager to find out what Polyphony Digital have in store for us. The coming days leading up to the 15th of May will be painful and filled with excitement and speculation.

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