TCR Thursday’s 2 Liter Eifel 3 Sector Racing

Discussion Thread

Race Details/Tracks Will be constantly Updated Please Check Forum For Info


So yes the regulations for this type of racing is really simple bring any car from 1800 to 2.5 litres 1200kg 256bhp and work off a pp of 450 nothing more, this is to keep the racing close but you have the option to tweak to your hearts content with every option that is available to you.
Lounge settings will work off weight and horsepower and tyre choice will vary from track to track. I am not here to police the lounge this is a criterion for you to work off to offer some fun racing.

So I’m hoping to build up a data base of quality tracks that we can race on so if you feel that you have a track that would be worthy for this series please let me know because if its quality I would wont to race on it too.

Thanks hope to see you guys on track.