The GT5 Eco Warrior

I thought I saw the back of the Prius.

Although I have never driven one in real life I know them intimately as the last company I worked at back in the UK had a fleet of about 200, and I used to get taxi’d home every night in one after a hard days graft. To be honest they serve a purpose but being a petrol head like you all, can’t say that I am a fan of them; after all they are semi electric, have a lifeless little wheezy petrol motor and have no gears. A Prius is basically about as visceral and stimulating to the sense as a 49.5cc twist and go. At least the scooter makes some noise and you get the wind in your face and a hit of adrenalin from the fear of death riding one.

Anyway, don’t trust my opinion which is actually quite nice, have a read of what our resident blogger Niku Driver HC has to say in his sweet heart’d review of the 09 Prius G – The Godzilla of the Eco Box!

Click Here for Review

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