Count Down Till GT Arena Q1 Season Start

Hello Fellow GBRC’ers if you find yourself looking at this news item and thinking to yourself WTF then welcome to GT Arena, you have found your new home for GT5 Online Racing.

As you can see the site name is GT Arena and not Grumpy British Racing Club?

Inspired by the successful formula at GBRC, I have been pondering the idea of creating a site purely dedicated to organized GT5 Online Racing, a place that will hopefully play host to numerous GT5 Clubs & Teams, all who will to a large degree follow the example of success laid out by GBRC. I simply discussed my ideas with Tommyzoom99and suggested we bring GBRC over to be the first club to call GT Arena home. So for the past month and a bit I have been building away, with some help frombtcanon,Tommyzoom99,c7mpr, GTHQ_Daan76, Uwanq, &Tyrrell_so a thanks to those guys.

Zoom has decided to bring you guys over a little earlier then we first planned to get you all settled in for the launch of GT Arena Q1. So in terms of the site we have a few loose ends to tie up, but we are 80% there.

There may be a few bugs or issues at the start with the site, this version of VB is new with regular Patches/updates being released, also I have never built anything like this before so all a learning curve for me. The current GT Arena logo is a placeholder for now untilCustard350can design one for us.

Most importantly, GBRC is desperately in need of a new site. Our current e107 software, although having served us well, limits us to a degree, not to mention the constant virus problems we have had, as well as the current issues of web pages not loading etc… With vBulletin we can do a whole lot more as you will come to learn as you familiarize yourself with the site.

My good friend Ricardo is hosting for us; on his server he hosts a number of sites including this forum SV650.org so we hope to not have the same problems as before with virus’s and site problems.

GBRC is one of a very few successful and still active GT5 clubs out there, many that sprung up at the time GBRC did slowly faded away. Many clubs out there, not as successful as GBRC, still cling for life isolated from the wider community. GT Arena aims to bring all of these clubs in one place, each with their own dedicated place within the site and all adopting the GBRC formula that has made us the success we are.

Once you guys all settle in, we can start to encourage clubs to come over and we can all run our seasons in tandem, and also compete Club vs Club

I do not want any of you to think that GBRC is not a priority as this could not be further from the truth. GT Arena is a child of GBRC. The guys behind GT Arena are the guys behind GBRC. GT Arena is a community, and GBRC is the club that we represent within this community.

The move to GT Arena will benefit GBRC hugely and give us the exposure we deserve, as well as potentially benefiting the online Gran Turismo community as a whole.

I am excited to move forward, and hope that while in our new home we can continue to enjoy fantastic competition within the GBRC as well as welcoming new members and groups to our community, GBRC and GT Arena.

So get yourselves signed up, and I will see you soon.

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