We would like to take this opportunity to welcome GT3 club to GT Arena.  It is fantastic having some fresh faces, and what looks like a very interesting Club choose GT Arena as their home. As you have guessed GT3 club specialise in Sports Car Racing modelled off of the Tudor Sport Car series that feature various Production and Prototype car classes.

GT3 Club events are open to all so do not be shy and by all means take part if you consider yourself a clean and respectful racer.  Like GBRC and ALV, GT3 Club will eventually have their very own section on the site, including Forums/News and Info areas so that they can organise and promote their club.

You can find the latest GT3 Club Event here where you can sign up if you wish.  If you have any questions regarding GT3 club you can always PM Gurizzi or simply post up a question within the event thread.

To GT3 Cub members, please introduce yourselves HERE



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